photographer of the quirky, adventurous + passionate

for those who sing karaoke horribly in the car, for the ones who live to explore the great outdoors, for the boss babes sharing their passion, the lovers who's date nights include fro-yo and 90's alternative, for those who laugh together so hard they almost pee, for the ones who use words like sick, rad and indubitably, and the ones who just like to hang out and be. 

if you like to have a good ol' time, kiss a lot, and laugh uncontrollably; then we will get along just fine. 

hey y'all 

I'm Taylor Dawn

Want to know more about me?

An Engagement & Branding Photographer

serving the quirky, adventurous, and passionate,

in North Carolina and beyond. 

Livin' life in Raeford NC, with my husband

and our two rescue pups. 

I like long walks down thrift store isles,

uncontrollable laughter, and sewing. 

I thrive on Philadelphia Eagles Football,

 fro-yo, and homemade Mac 'n' Cheese.  


lets get social.